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Last January, news of the latest corona virus commenced to increase in volume. The numbers in China were following the foretasted exponential boom rates, which I equated to bad information for the USA. Telling my wife to inventory up for the pandemic became a difficult Saturday verbal exchange while the plane become leaving for Mexico Monday morning. Instead, I came domestic March 12th, and best the day gone by were we able to buy rest room paper. #humblebrag Now that I’m no longer involved approximately TP, I can worry about construction. Losses will be spread in the course […]


Need a better manner to understand how progress is coming along? Earned value is high-quality in concept, but often, contractors don’t need to percentage their estimates to offer the craft hours or dollars. There also are instances when agreement drawings are issued overdue and the economic details are worked out later. Time and material contracts have little motivation to provide the ones special estimates as well. With precise planned quantities, discussions with the field are simple as well. Telling an electrician ,”cable pulls are 3,000 toes at the back of and […]


Pipeline production is unlike some other creation. As the enterprise adapts to greater formal agenda requirements, Salongarland can help How many HDD rigs do we want on site to finish them all in 3 months? We understand your humans and how they work. We can translate the plan from your group into a clean and concise document.  We build sensible schedules that not handiest satisfy the contract, but surely help you and your group control the spread. Blending your company’s first-class practices and hooked up workflows into the scheduling ordinary is the most essential factor to consider. You shouldn’t want greater paintings or personnel just to meet the owner’s requirements. […]


Not every project needs a full-time, on-site scheduler. Why incur the expense if you don’t have to? The experience Salongarland has gained from being on-site gives us the perception to apprehend your venture thru daily reports and brief conversations. For each schedule update, we host on line agenda opinions to finalize the schedule fame and updates. This permits your initiatives the benefit of a professionally constructed and updated time table at a fraction of the cost of an on-site personnel member. We provide the software program and host the database. We provide the professionally trained schedulers. No complex IT answers requiring VPN, firewalls, SQL instances, and other things that don’t have anything to do with construction. […]


Need a baseline schedule to get started? Salongarland can help. We can help you develop the plan, or, take your current plan, and model it in a agenda. We seize the scope and ruin it down into the stairs required to manage the work. We stability the want for detail in opposition to your organization’s needs. Too much detail and nobody understands; not enough, and the challenge time table doesn’t help management make decisions. To degree the progress, we aid load the activities with labor, equipment, key quantities, costs, and/or another custom requirements. From there, we evaluate your planned manufacturing and required vs. to […]

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