Need a baseline schedule to get started? Salongarland can help.

We can help you develop the plan, or, take your current plan, and model it in a agenda. We seize the scope and ruin it down into the stairs required to manage the work. We stability the want for detail in opposition to your organization’s needs. Too much detail and nobody understands; not enough, and the challenge time table doesn’t help management make decisions.

To degree the progress, we aid load the activities with labor, equipment, key quantities, costs, and/or another custom requirements. From there, we evaluate your planned manufacturing and required vs. to be had resources. An Earned Value Management System can be tailor-made to the unique process requirements, your current systems, and process-site paintings flow.

The important route could be analyzed and optimized with the useful resource limitations, and risks identified. We broaden a FlipBook schedule animation to demonstrate the job-site logistics and areas being worked by each crew. This allows power your team’s engagement assisting the review and inspiring the team’s buy-in of the plan.

As the plan is finalized and the baseline  schedule developed, we document it along the way, presenting an execution approach and baseline justification for submission/archive.At the conclusion of the baseline development, we provide a

  • Fully resource loaded baseline schedule,
  • Resource and production charts (S-Curves),
  • Alignment with your EVMS/Cost System,
  • FlipBook Schedule Animation, and
  • Baseline Justification / Execution Strategy.

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